Monday, September 12, 2011

UGA - USC Film Study: Quarter Four

Final Quarter. I know what happens. I know how we lose. I can't envision it. We've been too damn good. Gonna be interesting to see what happens.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 47. Shogun Ace (Boykin) Fake sweep to Boykin, quick screen out to Mitchell. Decent cut-block by King but their DB gets off the ground quick and makes the tackle at 8 yards. 2nd and 2. Shotgun Ace (Boykin) They show blitz, it comes, Murray hits a quick slant inside to Marlon Brown at the 38, and he fights down to the 31.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 31. Shotgun Ace (Boykin) They only rush four, we hit Malcom Mitchell on a 5-yard curl (or hook or stop or know, in that area where our playbook holds no routes). Gain of 8. 2nd and 2. Ace Formation (Crowell) basic HB slash to the left. Line gets good hat-on-hat movement. Gain of 4.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 19. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) They rush 6, Murray fires a quick slant to Bennett who weaves his way into the endzone. Touchdown Georgia!!!! We line up for the 2pt conversion. Shotgun Ace (Samuel) They rush four, Murray looks off the safety and fires to Tavarres King in the back of the endzone for the 2pt conversion!

UGA 28 - USC 28.

Kickoff. 8 yards deep - touchback.

1st and 10 USC at USC 20. 3-3-5 look - We stone them in the center, Jarvis Jones gets reached by the Tackle, and Jordan Love jumps too far inside, doesn't keep containment. Jones and Love combine for the stop, 9 yards downfield. 2nd and 1. 3-3-5 again. We call a corner blitz. Now, I don't know if Washington is supposed to rush outside the LT when the blitz call is on or not, but I'd say he probably is. It looks like John Jenkins has the A gap, Robinson the B, and Washington has outside contain, with Love coming on the blitz. The problem is, Washington rushes so hard upfield, he makes the tackle's block for him. This opens the B gap too wide, and though Robinson hits it, the FB can take him on and allow Lattimore to bounce it. Had Washington stayed at home, this play would have been a short gain, maybe even stuffed. Instead, Lattimore quickly gets to the second level and the result is a 24 yard gain.

1st and 10 USC at UGA 47. 3-3-5 Lattimore makes a great play. Initially, I thought Robinson made a bad read, but he didn't. He read the pulling guard, which should have taken him to Lattimore. But, John Jenkins exploded the Center so much, that Lattimore had to make a quick decision, and bounced the ball out, against his blocking. Motion before the play had taken Love to the other side of the field, and the secondary was in Man coverage, meaning our outside Corner had his back to the ball. Jenkins gets a hand on Lattimore, but doesn't slow him. Rambo makes the stop after a gain of 7. 2nd and 3. 3-4 look. We run a LB stunt with Jones and Tyson. Geathers gets great push. We plug the hole. Lattimore pushes forward for a yard. 3rd and 2. 3-4 look Timeout USC Now we come back in what looks like a 2-5-4. We stone their hole line. Lattimore finds no room whatsoever. Loss of 1. 4th and 3. (Crowd isn't nearly as loud as it should be). Timeout USC. 3-4 They run the short drop quick slant to Jeffrey who makes a great catch. Looks like Boykin outthought himself. Coverage looks to be zone...maybe man-zone, not sure. Boykin takes his eyes off Garcia just long enough to not be in position to intercept the ball. I'm not sure if his responsibility would have enabled to make that play, I'm just stating that if he hadn't looked out to Jeffrey, but instead remained focused on Garcia, we probably come away with that ball....or at least a tip.

1st and 10 USC at UGA 32. 3-4. They try to run off-tackle, but we crush it. Sean Williams flies up to make the tackle. 2nd and 9. 3-4 We run a blitz up the middle with Jarvis, who gets to Garcia just as he throws incomplete toward Ace Sanders. 3rd and 9. 3-4 We blitz Sulek and Commings, drop Abry Jones into short-zone coverage. Garcia throws an errant pass toward Jeffrey - knocked away by Rambo....nearly picked. 4th and 9. Field Goal Unit comes out - 49 yarder good.

USC 31-UGA 28

Kickoff. Boykin takes it at the 6, hurdles a man at the 25, gets across midfield down to the 37. Holy crap this kid is amazing. He made one bad cut, and it prevented him from scoring.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 37. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) Sweep right, 9 yard gain. 2nd and 1. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) They rush 6, Murray gets that same 4-yard hook pass (you know, the one we don't have) off, but Mitchell drops it. 3rd and 1. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) They rush four, Murray throws a slant low-and-ahead of Bennett - complete for a 3 yard gain and a first down. Just a great throw and catch - great ball placement, great concentration by Bennett.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 25. I Formation - Play-action flare to the Fullback, Figgins. 9 yard gain.
2nd and 1. I Formation. Looks like a HB Cutback play. This isn't exactly a counter, but it's the same philosophy, you get the whole defense moving in one direction, and allow the HB to cutback against the grain. The difference between this and a counter, is that a counter is generally drawn up with pulling blockers. The HB Cutback requires full run-action to one side, and then a backside seal which creates the hole. It is then completely up to the HB to make a move against an unblocked defender who has the responsibility of filling that hole. Crowell puts an arm out against the only guy close enough to make a play, then outruns everyone to the endzone. 16 yards, TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA!!!!!

UGA 35-USC 31

Kickoff 5 yards deep, brought out to the 25.

1st and 10 USC at USC 25. 3-3-5 Jones gets a good outside rush, but gets washed. Garcia throws a swing pass out to Lattimore, who picks up 6. We had no one in the flats. This looks to have been by design, as Commings had depth instead. 2nd and 4. 3-4. We blitz all four linebackers, and Robinson takes Lattimore down in the backfield. 3rd and 4. 3-4 very wide. Looks like we're playing pass rush all the way. Incomplete pass towards Ace Sanders. Pass Interference called immediately on Jordan Love. In replay, there's really no argument.

1st and 10 USC at USC 32. 3-4 They go Max-Protect, 7 guys to block 4. We can't get there. Garcia extends the play by rolling right, Ace Sanders comes open running through and behind the zone of Sean Williams.

1st and 10 USC at UGA 38. 3-3-5 This next one hurts - it hurts because our guys played responsibility well, but just got out positioned. The pulling guard on this play served his purpose well. Washington doesn't crash in from his end position, which is good assignment football. The problem is, he's now on an island with the backside OT - useless. Kwame drives the center back, but the center gets good position. Abry Jones gets swallowed up by a doubleteam, and the pulling guard puts a hat on Christian Robinson, who was filling the hole. This means there's no one there to tackle Lattimore. Lattimore squirts through, out into the secondary. Somehow, no one sees Alshon Jeffrey shove Boykin down from behind at the 15. This gives Lattimore the edge. Commings is able to track him down at the 3.

1st and Goal USC at the UGA 3. Timeout USC. 3-4 Geathers at NT, Jenkins at DE. Jenkins crashes through, stuffs Lattimore behind the line. 2nd and Goal. 3-4 They shift to unbalanced line right, we do not get into position on the flank quickly enough. They snap the ball and make the blocks on the edge. Lattimore drives in. How could we have prevented this one? A better angle by Amarlo Herrera might have gotten him to the point of attack. Boykin could have charged up into the line. Really, we were just out positioned on this one. They made every block they had to make. Touchdown USC.

USC 38 - UGA 35

Kickoff. Boykin takes it at goalline, returns it to 29.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 29. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) This play was going to be a screen to Crowell. Clowney jumps inside, and nobody tries to put a hand on him. Cordy Glenn doesn't even seem to notice. Murray sees Clowney too late and doesn't tuck the ball away. Clowney spins him like a top, the ball pops out, and Ingram takes it in for his second score of the day.

USC 45 - UGA 35

Kickoff. Boykin takes it at 22, returns to UGA 38.

1st and 10 UGA at UGA 38. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) Murray reads man coverage, takes off on a run of 17.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 45. Shotgun Ace (Crowell) Pocket holds, Murray throws to Crowell on a drag, but he drops it. [FANS ARE LEAVING THE STADIUM?!?!?!?! Dear God, you guys SUCK! I can't believe that with a ten point game, us on their side of the 50, we've already proven we can field an onside kick, we've already proven we can score on them at any time...AND YOU GUYS ARE LEAVING?!?!?!?! I swear before all that is Holy, this team owes NOTHING to YOU. You want them to play their asses off because for some reason they OWE you something and you won't even stay in the stadium for the final three minutes of a close rivalry game? It's a wonder recruits want to come and play ball for you good-for-nothing sorry sacks of $#&*. Did I sum up my feelings on this issue? Good. I'll move on.] 2nd and 10. Shotgun Ace - They send four, and spy Murray. pocket holds. Murray hits Malcolm Mitchell on a short curl. The play gains 12.

1st and 10 UGA at USC 33. Shotgun Ace - Murray unleashes one deep to Tavarres King, who outjumps the USC Corner. TOUCHDOWN GEORGIA!!!

Yeah, and all you jackholes who left the stadium are probably trying to race back in now. Idiots.

USC 45 - UGA 42.

Kickoff - Onside Attempt - Fielded by Ingram. Kid's a great athlete.

1st and 10 USC at UGA 40. 3-4. They bunch us up, and use the pulling blocker to give Lattimore room. Gain of 7. 2nd and 3. 3-4. We crush them at the line and allow pursuit to get there. 3rd and 3. 3-4 They line up in the same unbalanced Ace formation they did on the goal-line. We have to know what's coming. Not surprisingly, Lattimore gets the edge when we run a twist and can't get to him.

1st and 10 USC at UGA 24. Kneel.


Formation Count:

Shotgun - 11

Under Center - 3 (2 I-Form, 1 Ace)

22 points scored in quarter. In the end, we did better in this game when we were consistently in Shotgun. Sorry, Anti-Bobos...but he seems to know what he's doing.

I'm glad to have watched that game. I will defend this team to anyone who attempts to say a bad word about them. Any no-good fan who decided to leave his/her seat and head for the gates, go ahead and turn in your season ticket packet. You're a Grade-A DB, and don't deserve to wear Red and Black. This kids are playing their hearts out, pushing themselves to the limit, and you repay them by walking out early. RIDICULOUS.

As for the "Fire Richt" camp - anybody who watched that game, and thinks this coaching staff can't coach a team to another Title should have his head examined. This team is going to do some big, big things. Watching them play, they're the best unit we've fielded since 2007...maybe since 2005. I believe Crowell is better than Moreno. I believe our receiving corps (as a whole) tops any that we've had at UGA in a long time. Our Defense has some serious playmakers, and the explosiveness of Boykin and Smith is unrivaled in recent history.

Do not be surprised if this team finishes at 10-2. Stranger things have happened.

Go Dawgs.


jferg said...

I wonder why Cordy did a little folded-arms fake block at Clowney on that last sack turned TD. I am certain that he should have 'at least' chipped him. That was just sorry effort.

I left this game excited, for once, about our team. We played hard. We executed well. We had a good gameplan and good in-game coaching. Had we not gifted them 21 points, we win handily. That means we can play and should win a lot of games this year.

Duke, care to give your guess as to what defense we'll line up in to cover for the loss of Tree and CRob over the next 4-5 games? I'm thinking we do more 4-2-5 and bring Sean Williams up in the box for run support.

Scott said...

I am very much a layperson, but on the sack/fumble/TD, I assumed that Clowney went unblocked by design, as many screens involve letting the defense into the backfield. The problem was that Clowney is such a freak that he got there MUCH faster than a mere mortal and blew the play up through sheer athleticism. At that point. Murray should have just eaten it (as he admitted postgame), but I imagine he was thinking that if he could just somehow flip the ball to Crowell, the screen was set up perfectly. Right up until Clowney basically picked him up and shook him until the ball came loose.

I agree with everything you say here...I am VERY encouraged by what I saw Saturday night.


Ben Dukes said...

This week against Coastal Carolina, I'll bet you see much more base 3-4 than 4-2-5. The reason is, the younger guys need as much experience as possible, and we have better matchups talent-wise against Coastal Carolina than we did against USC (our 2nd team vs their starters).

I'm willing to bet that next week vs Ole Miss looks similar to the gameplan against USC. We'll bounce between the 3-4 and the 3-3-5. All of that will depend upon how well the Freshmen pick up the defense in the next two weeks of practice. Losing Robinson hurts, as he directed much of the action in this last game. We don't really have that QB of the defense now. Gonna have to rely on Rambo or Boykin (maybe even Jarvis Jones) to identify things and make calls. I just don't think Herrera, Gilliard or Sulek are quite in that mold just yet.

Against MSU, I hope we get one if not both of our starters back. Their option attack is potent, and they like to run it out of the shotgun, with multiple receiver sets. That's designed to give you less guys in the box, and force DBs to take on a huge HB or huge QB in space. Having our full contingent of athletic LBs would definitely aid us here. I would expect to see 3-4 and 3-3-5 for the majority of this one as well. It's possible we "go big" with Kwame and Jenkins in the middle, and Jones and Tyson on the outside - but I doubt it.

Ben Dukes said...


Clowney should have been chipped at the very least. There is no "just let them run straight through" assignment for the playside End. He can do far too much damage. Glenn should have jabbed Clowney with his right arm, simply to redirect him.

That being said, yes, Murray should have just gone down. Both of Murray's big turnovers were results of him trying to force a play.

Scott said...

Thanks...that makes sense.

Ugh...this game was a heartbreaker...but I am still extremely optimistic. That Dawgs team from Saturday night should be favored against every single team left on the schedule.

DawgDaze said...

Ben.. thank you! Finally someone is saying what I feel. I was all ready to start my own blog to call out the "fans" but now i don't have to. I made a bet with a Tennessee buddy the other day that we have at least 9 wins by end of year. Love the fight. And we presumably have two weeks to work on those mistakes that cost us 28 points. Then we can learn to win a close game against Mississippi State. If we do that, look out! I love the talent we have and I think we will be very good by end of the year.

By the way, after the game, there were hundreds of us still facing the field, waiting for the prayer to end so we could clap and cheer the team on for the effort they gave. It was a cool sound and sight, one I hope happens in larger and larger numbers each week as this team wins back those fair weather folks. I understand their frustration, but disagree with how they are handling it. They will miss some good football b/c of the complaining fog that's all around them.

Thanks for the time you take to break down the film. It's a great read!
Shane Ammons